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Sunday, December 7, 2014

 Human, why have you captured the souls of my people?

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Yoga is like sex

Yoga is like sex. You can read about it, hear about it, and watch other people do it, but until you experience it first hand, yourself, you don't really get it. So what's the excitement all about? Why is yoga showing up everywhere from auto ads to executive meetings? Why are airlines presenting it to their passengers and why is it featured on Oprah? Kids are doing it in schools; buff athletes are doing it, even pregnant women and the wheelchair-bound. There must be something very seductive about yoga! 
If you do yoga, you know that it's seductive. That delicious feeling of stretching from the inside out; that soothing sensation like warm honey flowing through energized limbs; and the "big payoff" at the end of a practice: floating away into the infinite. You can't access this in pictures, and yoga isn't a spectator sport. The real experience is only available to you if you actually do yoga.

Yoga is not just about the beautiful bodies of diehard yogis and yoginis, although fitness is definitely one of the major payoffs, yoga is a path to that illusive center we are all's a path to inner peace. We're being drawn to yoga by the thousands because we need it; we crave what yoga offers and deeply need the body-mind-spirit connection we experience when we practice the 5000 year old art of yoga.

Increased strength and flexibility, relief from headaches, back problems, sleep troubles, and stress related issues; deep relaxation, feeling energized, powerful, peaceful and centered... Sounds good? These are only a few of the myriad benefits of a yoga practice. Life is so much easier when we feel comfortable in our bodies, relaxed in spirit and come from a peaceful place of power within. Our days become more enjoyable and more relaxed. Our relationships become deeper and more sensitive. The world seems to be more manageable and, rather than reactive, we become positively proactive.

Many people first come to yoga for physical reasons. They want to find relief from back pain or they want to lose weight. They see the external benefits of a yoga practice, but like sex, the internal experience is what keeps them coming back for more.

"This all sounds good," you say, "but I haven't bent forward and touched the floor since I was 12. Sure, seems like a good thing to try, but I haven't exercised since high school! I'd be embarrassed to be seen in those tight yoga clothes... or worse, in a yoga class. I'd make a fool out of myself!" I've heard it all... and there's always a way. Don't allow your chattering mind or your fragile ego to keep you from discovering the treasures you'll find through yoga. Yoga is accessible to everybody. All you need to do is make a decision to go for it.
Regardless of your physical ability, yoga can be adapted to be accessible to you. If you are physically challenged, you can do yoga seated in a chair. Even those who are bedridden can do yoga and we can all benefit greatly from "pranayama," the yoga of the breath.

Too busy? Weave it into your day with seated stretches at your computer, in the airplane, or while standing in line at the bank. Yoga can be subtle, internal and powerful. As you might suspect, I never take "No" for an answer. There's always a way to do yoga.

Here are a few tips to ease your entry into the world of yoga:
The first step is commitment. My first yoga class was a rude wake-up call. Every injury I'd ever had was talking to me. I thought I was in pretty good shape at 44, but my body's ability to do those poses was beyond discouraging... I hated it. There was voice inside my head that screamed, "Get me outta here!" But there was a more persistent little voice inside of me that said, "You don't have to like this, just do it." I knew, on some level, that I'd be really sorry if I quit so I made a deal with myself to keep going back to yoga class twice a week for a month. No judgments, no analyzing, no deciding "like it or not." So I pre-paid the classes and took my body to yoga class. After that month, I was hooked. I highly recommend this approach... It changed my life.

Once you get yourself into yoga class, the next biggest challenge is self-acceptance. A yoga teacher of mine once said, "Begin where you are and stay there." Wise words, and a big relief! After all, there's no other place to start than by accepting ourselves right where we are and realizing that we'll never be exactly there again. Every yoga practice is different because we are different, day-to-day, and minute-to-minute. One of the basic lessons we learn from a yoga practice is not to judge ourselves. For most of us, that's a hard one. Our culture trains us to be competitive. We want to compare ourselves with each other, with the teacher, and especially with our image of what we think we should be able to do. If you want to enjoy your yoga practice, judge not! Watch yourself from the inside; explore the sensations and the new feelings. Experience yourself from the inside out.
Another big hurdle is overcoming the goal-oriented, "Type A" personality approach to yoga; the attitude that the body must conform to perfection and each pose must be the textbook ideal. Give it up! Not a good idea for a number of reasons. First, no body does perfect poses. Not even the teacher, even though you may think so initially. There is no perfect pose. Yoga is a process, not a goal. The perfect pose for your body is different from the perfect pose for my body, or for any other body. The pose that is most integrated and balanced, that give you the best stretch and honors your body's limits... that is your perfect pose.

Secondly, yoga is a process of unfoldment. The symbol of yoga is the Thousand Petaled Lotus that keeps opening its petals deeper and deeper toward its center. Every time you do a pose, it will be a bit different, you'll do it at a different level and from a different place within yourself. Allow for those changes and patiently let yoga bring you to deeper levels of each pose as time goes on. After a while you'll discover that the real yoga isn't about the external form of the poses, it's about how you move the energy in your body to create them from the inside out.

 And third, honor your body. It's not about pushing to your limit in every pose. You'll really regret that the next day! Yoga shouldn't hurt, and it's an inside job as to whether or not you'll experience pleasure or pain. You are in control here. The teacher talks, you do the yoga with your body. Just as we resist psychologically when we get pushed too far too fast (Oh yeah? Just try to make me!), our bodies resist as well. So honor your body's limits, don't push; allow, breathe and soften into the poses.

Keep in mind that there are as many different forms of Hatha Yoga (the physical path of yoga) as there are yoga teachers. Every teacher has a unique teaching style, approach and attitude, even if they have been trained in the same yoga lineage. It's important to shop around for a teacher who is well trained and one who inspires you. Find the teacher that suits your style and don't be afraid to go to different classes and change teachers as you develop your yoga practice.

Yoga is an amazing journey of self-discovery. The way you approach your yoga practice is a microcosm of the way you approach your life. It's a truthful mirror, a deep learning and exploration into the depths of the soul. I wish you blessings on your yoga path and light in your journey back to your most beautiful, authentic self.

yoga session

If you have finally passed your exams and have been certified to teach a yoga class, you are about to begin a very rewarding career. Teaching people this amazing method of exercise and meditation is a very important responsibility. While you are undoubtedly excited to get your teaching career started, there are some basic things that you will need to keep in mind. The following tips will help you to be a more effective teacher. They will also allow your students to get the largest possible benefit from your class. Let's take a look at some important tips about teaching yoga sessions:

1. Communicate outside the classroom
As every teacher knows, yoga is not just a way to stay in shape. It must be treated as a lifestyle if a person is very serious about benefitting from your class. Therefore, it is important to set up a way for your students to be able to communicate with you in the days between classes. Don't worry, you don't have to give out your personal phone number. You can provide them with an email address that you set up specifically to receive questions from your students. You could also write a blog that you can update with all of the things you taught in your most recent class. Students can leave questions on the blog that you can answer. A more personal method of communication would be via webcam on a service such as Skype. You can set up a specific time each week where your students can contact you on webcam. This will allow you to demonstrate how to perform poses that your students are having problems with.

Wewangian Yang Memancing Gairah Seks Wanita

Friday, June 14, 2013

Wewangian Yang Memancing Gairah Seks Wanita.
Wewangian Yang Memancing Gairah Seks Wanita
Psikolog seks, Zoya Amirin menjelaskan harum vanili adalah wangi-wangian yang paling bisa memikat lawan jenis tertarik.

"Sebenarnya ada tiga yaitu wangi vanilla (vanili), wood, dan rose itu yang paling mentriger suasana sensual dan romantis," ujarnya dalam sebuah acara parfum di Jakarta, Selasa.

"Ketiganya itu bisa memiliki efek menarik, baik jika digunakan oleh pria ataupun wanita," tambah Zoya.

Menurut dia, harum vanili juga berguna untuk memberi kesan nyaman. Sehingga kalau sudah terdapat kenyamanan, maka ketertarikan antar lawan jenis akan lebih dimungkinkan untuk terjadi.

Selain itu, Vanili pun punya kekuatan after effect yang kuat. Zoya menjelaskan bahwa harum tersebut bisa membuat lawan jenis yang menghirupnya, teringat terus pada kita.

"Kesan after tastenya itu yang justru bisa membuat kita terus teringat," paparnya.


5 Posisi Kama Sutra Yang Menguntungkan Bagi Wanita

5 Posisi Kama Sutra Yang Menguntungkan Bagi Wanita.
5 Posisi Kama Sutra Yang Menguntungkan Bagi Wanita
Kama Sutra punya sekitar 60-an posisi seks yang mengajarkan kenikmatan melalui beberapa gerakan berbeda. Ada beberapa gerakan yang sederhana, tetapi ada juga yang rumit.

Di sini kita tak perlu membahas yang rumit, karena menurut beberapa ahli, ternyata tak semua posisi bisa diaplikasikan oleh semua orang. Kali ini, kami punya 5 posisi Kama Sutra yang bisa dipraktekkan, dan pssst... posisi ini banyak menguntungkan wanita lho.

Selain gerakannya mudah, penetrasi dapat dilakukan maksimal serta dikendalikan oleh wanita, sehingga ia bisa mengukur ritme serta kenikmatannya.

Yuk mulai pelajari gerakan-gerakan seperti yang dilansir oleh India Times berikut ini:

Posisi: Kamal ka phool

Posisi ini sebenarnya mirip dengan gerakan yoga. Caranya adalah, pria duduk bersila seperti gerakan yoga, kemudian Anda duduk dari depan dengan posisi tubuh memeluk pasangan.

Posisi ini membuat wanita mudah mengendalikan ritme dan penetrasi.

Kekurangannya: pria mudah merasa lelah dan kurang nyaman apabila terlalu lama duduk bersila. Untuk itu, dianjurkan posisi ini dilakukan tidak terlalu lama.

Posisi: Baithe baithe

Posisi yang satu ini dilakukan dengan bantuan kursi. Suami duduk di atas kursi, sedangkan Anda duduk menghadap atau memunggungi suami.

Wanita juga punya kendali yang cukup besar dalam posisi ini, dan permainan dapat berlangsung lebih lama. Anda harus cermat dalam memilih lokasi, dan kursi yang hendak dipakai.

Posisi: Ek Karwat

Mirip dengan posisi kamal ka phool, posisi yang ini dilakukan dengan cara berbaring. Kaki saling melingkar di tubuh satu sama lain, dalam posisi berbaring miring.

Dengan posisi saling mengunci, kegiatan intim akan menjadi lebih panas dan bergelora. Anda berdua juga tidak mudah lelah, sehingga dapat mencoba berbagai gaya lainnya.

Posisi: Jangha vibhor

Posisi woman on top ini juga memudahkan wanita mengontrol ritme permainan. Namun, kali ini, kaki pasangan di angkat ke atas agar penetrasi dapat lebih dalam.

Sensasi yang dirasakan pasangan juga berbeda, hingga ia merasa lemas serta mencapai klimaks dalam waktu yang bersamaan.

Posisi: Kamar ka kamaal

Posisi terakhir ini, suami diminta duduk di atas tempat tidur dengan kaki dibuka lebar. Wanita diminta duduk dengan kaki mengunci di punggung atau sedikit berjongkok.

Di posisi ini, wanita masih dominan menguasai permainan. Jangan lupa minta suami memainkan bukit kembar Anda. Posisi ini juga memanjakan suami dengan pemandangan indah tubuh Anda.

Nah, jangan keburu berkata bosan dulu dengan kegiatan intim Anda dan suami. Anda perlu juga mencoba ragam posisi agar hubungan intim tetap hangat.


5 Hal Yang Harus Dilakukan Istri Jika Suami Sulit Ejakulasi

5 Hal Yang Harus Dilakukan Istri Jika Suami Sulit Ejakulasi.
5 Hal Yang Harus Dilakukan Istri Jika Suami Sulit Ejakulasi
Bagi pria, puncak dari sebuah hubungan seksual adalah orgasme yang ditandai dengan keluarnya cairan ejakulat dari Mr. P.

Permasalahan mulai muncul ketika hubungan seks sudah dilakukan berjam-jam namun ogasme yang dinanti-nanti tidak kunjung datang, hingga akhirnya si pria merasa lemas, gairah seks menurun, dan tidak berhasil mencapai orgasme yang diharapkan.

Nah, jika ini terjadi, para wanita harus mengerti apa yang harus dilakukan untuk membantu pasangan mendapatkan orgasme yang memuaskan.

Berikut beberapa cara yang bisa Anda coba untuk membantu pasangan Anda mencapai orgasme seperti dikutip Intimate Medicine.

Ubah Gaya Bercinta

Sulitnya mencapai orgasme bisa jadi karena terlalu sering melakukan gaya yang kurang bervariasi, sehingga pasangan tidak merasakan sensasi baru yang dapat mengantarkannya pada orgasme yang memuaskan.

Sebagai pasangan, Anda harus bersikap aktif dan jangan berdiam diri dengan kondisi seperti ini. Ajaklah ia untuk mencoba gaya bercinta lain yang lebih fresh dan tidak membosankan untuk mencapai klimaks yang hebat. Lebih hebat lagi jika Anda selalu bergonta-ganti gaya setiap kali bercinta. Make it fun!

Lakukan Sesuatu yang ‘Nakal’

Sesekali Anda boleh mencoba hal-hal baru yang mungkin saja baru Anda dapatkan dari internet, majalah, atau media lain seputar tips bercinta yang nakal. Misalnya melakukan ‘dirty talk’, menepuk bokong, menggigit kuping, atau menghampirinya saat ia sedang di kamar mandi dan mengajaknya bercinta secara spontan.

Cara-cara semacam ini akan membantu pasangan Anda mendapatkan orgasme yang memuaskan.

Rangsang dengan Kelembutan

Selain sesuatu yang ‘nakal’, Anda juga bisa mengantarnya pada orgasme yang hebat dengan kelembutan. Misalnya dengan membisikkan kata-kata mesra dan desahan seksi. Ingatlah bahwa pria sangat menyukai desahan wanita yang disertai dengan kecupan di bagian tubuhnya. Membelai lembut Mr.P juga menjadi cara yang ampuh untuk merangsang pasangan Anda.

Fantasi Seksual Itu Penting

Sesekali Anda juga perlu mewujudkan fantasi seksual pasangan. Tanyakan kepadanya, apa yang dia inginkan saat bercinta dengan Anda. Misalnya saja ia ingin bercinta saat Anda mengenakan kemejanya, mengenakan lingerie yang seksi, atau pakaian lain yang menurutnya seksi.

Fantasi seksual seperti ini perlu diwujudkan agar Anda tetap terlihat menarik dan menggoda baginya.

Kurangi Masturbasi

Terlalu sering masturbasi justru berdampak negatif bagi hubungan seksual. Terlalu sering masturbasi dapat mengurangi greget untuk bercinta, karena imajinasi yang tinggi saat masturbasi dapat mengalahkan hubungan seks yang nyata.

So, sampaikan pada pasangan Anda agar sebisa mungkin menghindari masturbasi karena berdampak buruk bagi hubungan. Yakinkan dia bahwa Anda selalu siap dan bisa menjadi partner bercinta yang baik untuk melayaninya.



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